Currently I am a postdoctoral fellow in Andrea Lucky's lab at University of Florida, working on phylogenomics of gall wasps and their parasitoids using ultraconserved elements (UCEs).

The focus of my PhD research in Barb Sharanowski's lab was to investigate speciation patterns in parasitoid wasps (Peristenus) of a major crop pest Lygus bugs using phylogenetics and population genomic methods. Also, I am examining larger macroevolutionary questions on parasitoid diversity, specifically braconid parasitoids in the subfamily Euphorinae.

For my Masters degree in Joe Shorthouse's lab I focused on the Canadian rose gall wasp and their associated inquiline and parasitoids, in particular Eurytomidae.

When I am not locked away in the lab I enjoy nature photography and live music in the forms of hard rock and heavy metal. I am an advocate of using social media as science outreach tool, and fairly active on Facebook (Admin for Entomology Memes and International Society of Hymenopterists), Twitter and Flickr

yuanmeng.zhang [AT] ufl [DOT] edu

Google Scholar

Research Gate


2013 - 2018

University of Manitoba/University of Central Florida

Ph.D. in Biology

2009 - 2012

Laurentian University

MSc in Biology

2004 - 2009

University of Guelph

BSc in Zoology

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